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Safety,Service and Satisfaction beyond expectations

Trekking to Base Camp Everest never crossed my mind until I was given the opportunity to join my parents on their “bucket list” item.  I could think of nothing more special than sharing such an expedition with them.

Once we arrived in Kathmandu, we were welcomed at the airport by our guide and host, Dipak Bastakoti of Trek2himalays.  From the moment we set foot in Nepal, Dipak was with us all the time, always ensuring that we were comfortable and took our best interests at heart. Before we departed to the Everest region, Dipak took us on a city tour and it was already evident at that stage that Dipak was very knowledgeable about the Nepalese history, culture, religions and politics.  He was able to give us detailed insight into all the places we visited and was also able to answer all the questions that we had.

Dipak arranged all our transport and flights to Lukla as well as our accommodation, and we never had anything to worry about in this regard – we could literally sit back and relax, knowing that everything was taken care of.

During our trek in the Everest Region, Dipak was also very considerate to us in terms of the pace at which we wanted to trek and the fact that we stopped every few minutes to take photos or video of the beautiful surroundings.  Whilst trekking, Dipak also continued to tell us about the Nepalese history, culture, religions and politics, which we found to be very insightful.  Dipak has a very pleasant personality and each day was filled with laughter and companionship. It was also evident that Dipak was passionate about his job.

I learnt a few life lessons while we were trekking through the Everest region, with lessons such as “Never underestimate the forces of nature”, “Life is not in your hands and is unpredictable”, “Sometimes your dreams don’t work out the way you planned it, but that’s also OK” and “God is in control”, really taking on meaning when the devastating earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April 2015.

From the moment the earthquake struck, our safety was Dipak’s biggest concern.  He ensured that we hiked on safe routes, slept in proper, safe teahouses and not take any risks.  I admire him for the fact that notwithstanding the fact that this was one of the biggest tragedies that struck Nepal in 80 years, he not once asked us if he could return to his family.  He stayed with us all the way – keeping our best interests as his first priority.  I will also be indebted to Dipak for this.

Once you meet Dipak, you will understand why he will become a friend for life.  I can with all confidence recommend Dipak for any excursion in Nepal.  If in future I return to Nepal, it will definitely be on a tour or trek organised by Dipak.

The slogan of Trek2Himalayas is: “Our 3’S: Your SAFETY|Value SERVICE|Complete SATISFACTION”. 

Dipak, without a doubt, delivered on his promise of safety, service and satisfaction beyond our expectations!

I will definitely be back one day.

Kind regards


Nicolette Koch, South Africa| Email: nicolette.koch@adamsadams.com
Visited Year: 2015
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