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Terms & Conditions

Before you make the booking, please read this carefully. When you make the booking, you agree to accept all of the conditions mentioned below and acknowledge that you have read and understand all the conditions fully . You also warrant that the information provided by you is true and complete.

DJ’s Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd. is the registered  company with the Government of Nepal and based in Kathmandu, Nepal.  The main objective of the company is to provide complete Travel and Trek related services in the Himalayas and beyond.  Trek2himalayas.com is one of the brand for Trek and tour in the Himalayas. It  operates and serves according to the prevailing laws of Nepal,  sells variety of travel related products from different suppliers and service providers (“Suppliers”) and acts as an intermediary or a “Booking Agent” for products and services which are not directly supplied by us (e.g., air carriage and some sorts of ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, tours etc.).

Each Supplier has its own terms and conditions that are applicable to all our clients’ particular arrangements along with our own terms and conditions. We shall inform such terms and conditions if required during the booking or confirmation of the trip.

We agree to accept your booking of the trip within the below mentioned terms and conditions;

Deposits / Payments and Confirmation of the Trek / Tour :

For booking, you have to fill up the form or send us all  details as required, or asked.

Along with the booking,  we need 30% of tour cost as an advance. Once you make the payment, your booking will be placed and you will get confirmation letter from us.

The remaining amount shall be paid, through the Paypal, Visa / Mastercard, Bank Transfer prior to your travel or upon your arrival in Kathmandu. If you fail to pay remaining amount prior to commencement of service, we are not forced to continue the tour program with you.

If the fuel surcharges, transportation cost , or other costs by our suppliers hiked by more than 10% with or without prior information, then you will be notified to pay accordingly.

After you confirmed the trip, we will need other documents from your end. These documents include Passport Copy, Insurance Copy, Passport sized photographs. If any other additional documents deemed required, you will be notified and requested to send us.

Cancellations and Changes:

Cancellation before 30 Days or more of travel date – 20 % of deposited amount

Cancellation between 72 hours to 29 Days before the arrival date – 75 % of the deposited amount

Cancellation within 72 hours of arrival time – No Refund of Deposit.

Date change before 72 hrs of arrival time is available with payment of 50 % amount of deposited amount.

Amendment / Cancellation from suppliers;

If there is any cancellation, amendment, postpones charge of suppliers like airline or Hotel is associated, you will be notified and charged accordingly.

If you do not write us mail or cancel the trip as well, then the service will be treated as No show and you are not entitled to claim any refunds.

Damages / Liabilities and Others:

We are not liable for any loss, damages or other incidents caused by the carelessness of our clients or suppliers. Though we will take the best possible care and support with our best to make the documents and claims for insurance.

Medical precautions, vaccinations, visa arrangements and other any arrangements must be done prior to the Trek / Tour by yourself.

Your booking is accepted under the understanding that you realize and accept the potential risks and hazards during the trek in the High Himalayas. The Guide / Leader / Representative of DJ’s Tourism Services ( Trek2himalayas.com ) will not be responsible for any accident, mishap or similar in association with the trek / tour. With the nature of service and program, you all need to abide by the authority of the Guide / Leader . For more information on the Himalayas, Altitude sickness, equipment lists to bring with you, please read our Trip FAQ’s.

The decision of  Leader / Guide will be final. If the Leader / Guide thinks that your activity, behavior is detrimental for safely of yourself or a group, then you may be asked to leave the trek without any refund claim.

We and our Trek / Tour Leader reserve the right to alter the trip Itinerary for any good reason.

The weather in the Himalayas can change immediately. There is very high chances of delay of flight, road blockades, flooding and others. Any cost incurred by these unforeseen or forced reasons is under your responsibilities. we recommend you to have some extra days of holiday to avoid any disappointment that may be caused due to blockades.

Complaints regarding the trek or tours must be made immediately to the attention of tour leader, ground operator or other service providers. If you still think by the end of the tour that you have valid complaints against Tour / Trek leader, Suppliers, please notify to the company in writing within 30 days of the tour completion. We will not be liable to your complaints which is reached to us after 30 days of tour completion or in oral form.

Any damages caused due to fake information provided to us is your own responsibilities.

Incomplete Tour / Trek

If you leave the tour / trek of whatever reason once it is commenced, there will be no refund for the unused portion. You are requested to check with your insurance for the cancellation coverage or others for this.

Change of  the Tour/ Trek Program

If you want to change your Trek / Tour program, written request to us must reach 15 days prior to arrival date, We will be happy to suggest you similar trips. Any cost differences should be borne by you and there will be no administrative or other costs for such changes.

Change of Tour / Trek cost :

We reserve the right to change price with or without prior notice. Such changes will be notified and charged accordingly. ( Booked clients will be charged the changed amount is more than 10%).

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

We follow the sustainable and responsible tourism practices. So, our trek / tour leader may request you to follow various guidelines during the trip to protect the culture, nature and lifestyle. You must respect the local culture, practice, faith and others as guided by the leader.

Travel Insurance

You must have comprehensive travel insurance to travel in the Himalayas. As mentioned earlier, the risk and hazards is very high. So, you must purchase complete and extended insurance package for emergency helicopter evacuation, natural calamities, personal accident, medical and trip cancellation / postpone etc. We strongly recommend and request our esteemed clients to be fully insured to travel in the Himalayas.

Safety and Security

We place our highest level of concern to your safety and security. You must co – operate us to make your holiday the most enjoyable and memorable with safe ending.

Privacy Policy

DJ’s Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd.( Trek2himalayas.com)  will use the information provided by you for the company’s Trek / tour program’s booking, reservation, ticketing and other required purposes and will not disclose any to the third party unless it is deemed important. By signing up, you agree to disclose your information to only necessary authorities.

We hereby confirm that your personal information will not be misused in any way. Will not disclose to other without your request or your colleagues / friends request on your behalf.

Use of Photos / Videos / Comments / Reviews

By signing up with us for the trek / tour, you agree to let us ( DJs Tourism Services / Trek2himalayas.com ) use any photos of your trek, videos, comments, reviews for the promotional purpose.

Additional Information on Fitness and Health for the Tour / Trek

The trek or tour in the Himalayas are from easy to moderate and even strenuous. You can see the grade of the tour / trek in the Itinerary. These itinerary in the Himalayas can be done by any who has ability to walk at least 4-7 hours a day with a light rucksack. These treks demand some physical and mental preparations to walk in the high altitude. With a sound health and average physical fitness, positive attitude, self-confidence and strong determination can accomplish the Trek successfully. Exercising and jogging regularly for some weeks in your home prior to the trek is good. Our guide / leader will take good care of you during the Trekking and we try our best to bring you safe back after the trekking.

For the mountaineering and climbing, you need to have good physical fitness, health and sufficient experiences and exposure to the techniques of climbing earlier.

Please consult with your doctor before you decide for the trek / Tour or Climb. Participants with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart, lung, and blood disease or physical injuries, serious treatments earlier should inform and discuss with DJ’s Tourism Services ( Trek2himalayas.com) before booking the trek.

Thanks for booking the trip with us. You agree that your SAFETY and SATISFACTION is in our hand.
For more information on Trek/Tour read our FAQs.

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