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You have only one life – live it

Without repeating what Neels said, I want to mention that in December 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I immediately thought that I will not be able to go to Nepal any longer.  The lump was removed in January 2015 and I had to wait for several weeks before the radiation therapy could start.

In the 6 weeks that I daily underwent radiation, I kept on training for our trip because I did not want to miss the hike in the Himalaya for anything in the world.  It also helped me to rather focus on our upcoming trip, instead of my cancer and the treatment.

Exactly one week after the final radiation session, we departed for Nepal and I am proud and thankful to say that I was able to hike the entire 17 days without any problems whatsoever.

The fact that I survived the breast cancer and the devastating earthquakes, made me realise that life is a precious gift that we have to cherish on a daily basis.

You have only one life and you must live it!  Trekking in the Himalaya with an expert like Dipak was an experience I will never forget!

Zettie Campher, South Africa| Email: camphsf@unisa.ac.za
Visited Year: 2015
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